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Handcrafted Cherokee Pottery
by P.J. Gilliam Stewart, Cherokee Nation tribal member P.J. was born in Tahlequah, the capital of the Cherokee Nation. She creates traditional and contemporary pottery. She has a fine art degree from the Northeastern State University in Tahlequah.

Photo Courtesy of David  Fitzgerald

She continues to research the pottery methods and designs used by her ancestors. Her work has received numerous awards. P.J. and her family live on her grandmother's original Cherokee Land Allotment. P.J.'s work is sought nationally and internationally.

The Cherokee Seed Pot
was used to store seeds. The small opening was sealed to protect the seeds. The design represents the four directions, four seasons and four elements. Her pottery is polished by hand using a smooth stone. The color is from burning the pot with dried grasses and leaves. 

Cherokee Seed Pot 
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Cherokee Wedding Vase  
 $65.00 each
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Cherokee Wedding Vase represents two uniting.  Once used in early wedding ceremonies and was broken to seal the wedding vows.  Hand built and signed by the artist.  

Cherokee Medium Pot  by P.J. Gilliam Stewart. Individually Hand built and signed by the artist with with ancient Cherokee designs.
$75.00 each
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Cherokee Friendship Pot represents how friends are tightly interwoven like the weaves of a basket. Hand built and signed by the artist. 

Cherokee Friendship Pot
$29.95 each
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Ceramic Creations

by C.L. Tubbs, Cherokee Nation tribal member

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