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 Entrance to the 3 Art Galleries

We have three separate online art galleries filled with exceptional artwork by several renown Cherokee and other Native American artists. We hope you will take the time to peruse the galleries and share your discoveries with your friends. It is so important to support the artists and provide exposure for their wonderful work.



Contains Native American Art by Cecil Dick, Janet Smith, P.J. Gilliam Stewert,Joan Hill.
Cecil Dick is regarded as the "Father of Cherokee Traditional Art" and he has received almost every award possible in the Indian Art World.
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Contains Native American Art by Jerome Tiger, Ruthe Blalock Jones, Jesse Hummingbird.
Tiger's contributions to art include a totally new and unique style. Tiger was a full blood Creek-Seminole who grew up in Oklahoma that still included old customs and a tribal way of life. He painted what he knew and lived.

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Contains Native American Art by Dana Tiger. Dana's work portrays Native American women as historical and contemporary leaders. Her art provides us with a glimpse of wisdom and spirit, embodied in the subjects' determination to resolve and persevere.

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